Why Homeopathy?

Safe and effective: Homeopathic remedies are natural, completely non-toxic, free of harmful side effects, and safe even for infants and pregnant women. Homeopathy is a great choice when conventional medical treatments are contraindicated because of harmful or painful side-effects, pregnancy, or other health conditions.

Holistic: You are viewed as a whole person including body and mind, and not a collection of body parts.

Cost-effective: Rather than expensive life-long treatment, the ultimate aim of homeopathic care is to reach your highest level of health as quickly as possible with minimal dependence upon any medications or supplements, including homeopathic remedies.

Individualized: A single homeopathic remedy is chosen from among thousands to fit you as a unique individual.

Natural: All homeopathic remedies come from natural sources (mineral, plant and animal) and are prescribed based on evidence accumulated from systematic observation of the effects on healthy and sick people. (No animals are harmed).

Integrative: Works alongside conventional medical care and complements other alternative forms of health care as well. Unlike some herbal medicines and vitamin supplements, there are no harmful interactions between prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications and homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy often works even when conventional medical treatments or other alternative treatments fail.

Green medicine: Homeopathy relies on the body’s own self-healing mechanisms using highly diluted remedies made from naturally sourced substances, so no chemical byproducts are produced that might pollute sewage or water systems (“personal green”). The manufacturing process of homeopathic remedies produces no environmental toxins or excess waste (“global green”).

Family-based: Ideal for all members of the family including babies, pregnant women and seniors.

Non-suppressive and non-invasive: Homeopathic remedies work by acting on the body’s own self-healing mechanisms and do not disrupt the delicate balance of complex dynamic biological systems.

Addresses chronic and acute illnesses as well as strains and injuries: Homeopathy can help resolve short-term illnesses such as coughs, diarrhea or flu; long-term conditions such as menopause, insomnia or asthma; as well as injuries and strains and recovery from trauma.

Preventive: By strengthening the body’s own self-healing mechanisms, homeopathy can help prevent chronic diseases before they begin. Once the body’s healing forces are called to action and the body heals itself, one’s susceptibility to future disease tends to decrease over time. In other words, the cured condition tends to not come back again in the future. One tends to be much more resistant to future reoccurrences of their cured conditions as well as increased resistance to future colds, flu, and other infections.

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